Pneumatic Glue Dispenser Syringe barrel – American Luer Lock Syringe

Name: Glue dispenser syringe

Material: Polyethylene

Feature: American style

Color: transparent/amber/black

Capacity type: 3CC 5CC 10CC 30CC 55CC

Size: see below picture in description

Packaging: carton

MOQ: 1 pc

OEM: available

Pneumatic Glue Dispenser Syringe barrel – American Luer Lock Syringe China Supplier & Manufacturer

This dispensing syringe is American style, made from high quality PP plastic material, It is Silicone and chloride free. Syringe barrels have good performance of resisting pressure and corrosion. It can work normally under the situation of up to 100 psi air pressure. Suitable for various fluids and pastes. Tip of barrel is a a male Luer lock, which can fit all female lock dispensing tips on the market. Piston fits the syringe wall very closely, which is not loose once being inserted and glue won’t leak out. In order to meet different customers’ requirements, there are different barrel volumes for you to choose: 3CC 5CC 10CC 30CC 55CC. Three different colors available, transparent for general fluids and adhesives, amber for UV sensitive glues and black for UV Cure.


Dimensions of syringes

Color Capacity ID OD Length Mouth dia. Connector type
Transparnet 3cc 9.6mm 11.3mm 74mm 2.5mm screw
Transparnet 5cc 12.5mm 14.5mm 70mm 2.5mm screw
Amber 5cc 12.5mm 14.5mm 70mm 2.5mm screw
Amber 10cc 15.8mm 18.5mm 90.5mm 2.5mm screw
Transparnet 10cc 15.8mm 18.5mm 90.5mm 2.5mm screw
Transparnet 30cc 22.3mm 25.2mm 117.5mm 2.5mm screw
Black 30cc 22.3mm 25.2mm 117.5mm 2.5mm screw
Transparnet 55cc 22.5mm 25.8mm 175.5mm 2.5mm screw

Feature of Glue Dispenser syringe

  1. The non-slope cylinder’s inner holeis matched with the original piston well to provide a residue-free dispensing and stable consistency.
  2. 2.Ultra-thick HDPP material used for molding syringe to prevent the syringe from rupturing and can be operated continuously under 100psi high pressure without concern.
  3. 3.Special double helix luer lock design on the tip to ensure a firm lock with the compatible needles.
  4. 4.The barrel end’s double convex design prevents the ferrule assembly from loosening, and the syringe adapter is easy to be installed and used.
  5. 5.Inert HDPE plastic molding double-knife piston design can completely remove the residual glue on the wall, to prevent fluid contamination, and prevent needle dripping. Amber syringes prevent UV glue from hardening.
  6. 6.No mold release agent used during manufacturing, the syringe is not contaminated by the release agent, it is impossible to pollute your glue and reduces the glue bond strength.
  7. the piston has abilityto completely seal the opening of the syringe, and the internal structure is completely sealed to prevent external pollution.
  8. 9.unique safety thread design on the tip to ensure that the tip is tightly locked on the syringe.


  • Please note this syringe is only for industrial use, it is not sterile, never use it for medical purpose.
  • This pneumatic syringe has to be working with a glue dispenser, please contact us for more product information If you want to buy it.
  • We also supply 100cc, 200cc, 300cc, 500cc, 960cc and 1200cc syringe barrels and precision stainless steel syringes.


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