Benchtop Peristaltic Dispensers

Benchtop peristaltic dispenser is applicable to various quick-drying glues. It can’t use with other types of thick adhesives. Peristaltic dispenser is motored, which doesn’t need to use the air compressor during work.
peristaltic dispenser is also a precision dispensing machine with excellent performance, which has a variety of dispensing functions to set, such as suction, glue control, glue control speed, speed angle, three kinds of dispensing modes, etc.. The peristaltic dispenser is one best selling machine that can use 502 glue on the market. Other types of pneumatic dispensers can’t achieve it. Quick-drying glues should use with special tubing. The plastic tubing is made from Teflon. It is an perfect material, because it has no chemical reaction with glues. It won’t cause the blockage in the tubing. Please feel free to contact with us If you want to know more about our products.