Solder Paste Dispensers

There are many people looking for a proper dispenser when they use solder paste for SMD soldering, besides stencils, it seems they don’t know other more choices. So we often see many questions on forums related to asking for the recommendations. Now, we will give guys who don’t know how to choose the right tool to dispense solder paste a serious and reassuring option – Auto Solder Paste Dispenser.
Solder paste dispenser is pneumatic, you have to own a air source prior to use, it could be a air compressor or some other device like air tank, which can be got from market easily. Although it is called solder paste dispenser, which is suitable for various glues and adhesives as well.
The solder paste dispenser is consisted of a series of parts including controller, syringe, blunt needle, adapter, foot pedal, power line etc.. The core component is the controller powered by 110V/220V AC, which plays an important role between the air source and dispensing syringe, it has a air solenoid valve inside the machine to control the intensity of air pressure into the syringe to push the plunger. There are 2 kinds of controllers: Full-automatic dispenser and semi-automatic dispenser, both of them support manual mode, means that the dispensing time is subject to the triggering time of switch by users, doesn’t affected by automatic setup. Under the AUTO mode, all solder paste dispensers have timing function to make sure the dispensing amount of each blob from the syringe tip is same exactly, users feel free to regulate the air pressure to get the satisfactory dispensing blob on the basis of actual demands, which effectively improve the work efficiency. For the semi-automatic solder paste dispenser, we recommend 982 or B-800 controller. Besides, the full-automatic solder paste dispenser like 983A dispenser has an extra function of INTERVAL-time setup, it means users can set up the interval time between every 2 blobs, which results in solder paste dispensed in cycle. But in practical use, this function is not suitable for solder paste, users like to control the dispensing by foot pedal or finger switch for convenient operation. Vacuum-back suction is available for every controller, but it is useless for solder paste, because the paste is too thick enough to worry the dripping during use.
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