About Us

Dong Guan Anmai Industry Limited is located in Dongguan, China. We are combination of trading and manufacturer, covering extensive types of dispensing devices: pneumatic glue dispensers, solder paste dispensers, 3-axis dispensers, dispensing valves, glue dispensing syringe barrels, adhesive dispensing tips, adaptors, Caulking guns, AB glue cartridges, pneumatic sealant guns, mixing nozzles, fittings, foot pedals, Teflon tubing and various accessories. Widely used in industries of electronics, Lighting, appliance, automobile, medicine etc., for example PCB soldering, Mobile phone button assembly, mobile phone battery assembly, laptop battery assemble, computer speaker/receiver assembly, coil dispensing, PCB board bonding, IC sealing, speaker outer ring assembly, PDA sealing, LCD sealing, LED light sealing, electric vehicle assembly, window seal, automotive electronics assembly etc..

We have powerful Research and Development ability, clean workshop with various production lines, tooling development and manufacturing, testing and packaging. OEM is available from us, we can print your logo on our products or packaging boxes.

Our products have come into markets of America, Europe,South East Asia, Australia etc., for many years, the company wins the good reputation for our quality products, competitive price and best service.

We supply flexible selling service including retailing, small wholesaling and bulk wholesaling. If you need to purchase any products of dispensing equipment, please feel free to email to our sales representative anytime, we will respond you within 12 hours.