Automatic Glue Dispensers

Automatic Glue dispenser is air powered, being matched with syringe and tip to use. You need to have an air compressor before you use it(Advise us If you don’t have it, we could help you get it with competitive price). the range of air pressure of air-in is 35 psi to 100 psi. The distinct characteristic of our automatic glue dispenser is that it has function of setting the dispensing time freely based on different using needs, to make sure each drip dispensed from the tip is quantitative. For example 983A full-automatic glue dispenser, The Interval time between every 2 drips is also can be adjusted and constant, there are total 16 modes for users to choose from. After all setup done, it can work continuously in cycle. It is amazing.
As for normal semi-automatic glue dispensers, the most common mode we use is Auto, it provides an economic and convenient way for glue dispensing, because the each dispensing blob is controlled by a timer, after setting the right dispensing time(which is to make sure the quantity of each dispensing drop is exactly same), you don’t need to worry the fluctuation of blobs’ size, besides, users use it on pads each time based on exactly electronic control and command, instead of through guesswork or experience, which can reduce extra waste of glues or adhesives and improve the work efficiency at least 50%.
Manual mode is more easy to operate, the dispensing amount each time is controlled by switch, instead of electronic timer. After connecting all necessary components, when you step on the foot pedal or trigger the finger switch, the syringe’s tip starts to spit out glue, the machine works continuously until you stop triggering.
Both of our semi-automatic glue dispenser and full-automatic glue dispenser can use with glass glues, epoxy glues, red glues, organic silicone, solder pastes, solvents, damping oils, chemical reagents, adhesives, paints, oil inks etc..