Quantitative Auto Glue Dispenser – Timed Adhesive Dispensing Equipment Manufacturer

Name: Glue dispensing machine

Input voltage: 110V/220v AC

Color: gray

Feature: semi-automatic controller unit, dispensing is quantitative but not timed

Dispensing time adjusted from 0.01s-30s

Repeat accuracy: near 0.5%

The minimum spit out amount: 0.01ml

Input air pressure: 35psi-100psi(2.5bar-7bar)

Suggested output air pressure: 1psi-78psi(0.1-5.5bar)

It has a Indicating light on the controller

MOQ: 1 set

OEM is available

Warranty period: 1 year

Quantitative Auto Glue Dispenser – Timed Adhesive Dispensing Equipment Manufacturer

Automatic Glue dispenser is a good partner to help improve work efficiency, which is applicable to various products and industries including electronics, cellphone keys, machinery, computer, PCB, cameras, digital products, toys, loudspeaker, buzzers, woodworking, automobile, new energy etc.

  1. Power switch, press it on, light up.
  2. MAN is manual mode, the dispensing time is determined by the lasting time of triggering foot pedal. AUTO is electronic mode, the dispensing time is controlled by the timer.
  3. Set the dispensing time within the 4 ranges: 0.01s-1S,0.1s-10S,0.2s-20s,0.3s-30s. this procedure is very important, which should be finished with the help of experiment repeatedly.
  4. Regulates the air pressure from the machine, the suggest pressure limit is 78 psi(pull out the knob prior to adjustment).
  5. Vacuum button, which is to prevent glue from dripping after every dripping.
  6. Barometer, showing the pressure number shot.
  7. Air outlet, where connects with the adapter tubing.
  8. Work Indicating light.
  9. Set time via dialing the code key, totally 4 ranges available.
  10. Connects with foot pedal or finger switch.
  11. Power wire socket.


How to set the dispensing time

It is a semi-automatic machine, please note it has a pressure knob in the front panel and 4 DIP keys on the rear panel, which are used to adjust the dispensing time. There are 4 different ranges of DIP settings: 0.01s-1S,0.1s-10S,0.2s-20s,0.3s-30s. the first step you need to do is choose the right range, the 4 grades in details as below(precondition is turning the TIME knob clockwise to limit):

Range 1: Drip switch on at 1: Continuously dispensing time is as long as 1s
Range 2: Drip switch on at 1,2: Continuously dispensing time is as long as 10s
Range 3: Drip switch on at 1,2 and 3: Continuously dispensing time is as long as 20s
Range 4: Drip switch on at all 4 grades: Continuously dispensing time is as long as 30s

After confirming the range on the “DRIP”, then go to twist the TIME knob to get the exact dispensing time. For example, If you want to set up dispensing time by 3 seconds, first you need to dial the code key to both of S1 and S2 ON, then turn the TIME knob left slowly till you get a proper point.


How to use adhesive dispenser

  1. It is easy to use this glue dispenser, Please note this dispenser is pneumatic, so you need to have an air compressor before using this fluid dispensing machine.
  2. Install power line and all necessary tubing including air-in tubing and adaptor tubing, then plug in.
  3. Assemble the suitable glue dispenser syringe and dispensing needle, pour the glue into the syringe slowly in case of leaking, then try best to let the air out with the piston.
  4. Cover the barrel with adapter.
  5. Turn on the machine.
  6. Regulate the dispensing time based on way I explained above, please note don’t set the air pressure too high, If the glue is very thick, I suggesting you choose our 668 solder paste Dispenser.
  7. If the fluid is thin, you need to use VACUUM knob to set the Back Suction, but don’t adjust it too much, preventing glue from coming into tube and machine.
  8. If all done, let’s start working.

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