Solder Paste Dispensing Equipment

Name: solder paste dispenser

Operation mode: Manual/Semi-automatic

Input voltage: 110V/220V AC

Internal voltage: 24V DC

Power: 8W

Input air pressure: 35-100PSI

Suggested output air pressure: 1-78PSI

Weight: 2.2KG

Plug: US/EU/UK/AU(advise us plug style when placing order)

Dimension: 235mm*225mm*63mm

Packaging: paper box

MOQ: 1 set

Warranty period: 1 year

Auto Solder Paste dispensing machine | solder paste dispensing equipment China Supplier & manufacturer

This semi-automatic soldering paste dispensing machine (glue dispenser) has to work with air compressor, it can be widely used in various industries including PCB electronics, automobile, appliances, equipment, jewelry, lighting items etc. Our dispenser is compatible with almost all paste, glues, adhesives, for example: solder paste, various solvents, oil paints, liquid glues, EMI conductive adhesive, red glue, UV glue, AB glue, speed glue, epoxy glue, sealant, grease, anaerobic adhesive, acrylic glue, ink, silicone rubber.


There are 2 operation modes: automatic mode and manual mode

The most common mode we use is Auto, it provides an economic and convenient way for fluid dispensing, because it is controlled by a timer, after setting the right dispensing time(which is to make sure the quantity of each dispensing drop is exactly same), you don’t need to worry that every drop is different, besides, users operate the dispensing machine each time based on exactly electronic control and command, instead of through guesswork or experience, which can help reduce extra waste of paste or adhesives and improve the work efficiency 50%.

Manual mode is more easy to operate, the dispensing amount each time is controlled by operator, instead of electronic timer. After connecting all necessary components, when you step on the foot pedal or trigger the hand switch, the syringe starts dispensing fluid, the machine works continuously until you stop triggering. That’s all, so easy to handle it.

  1. POWER Switch: turns the machine on and off.
  2. AIR PRESSURE: sets the pressure of air for the syringe(pull out the knob first then twist it to left or right slowly).
  3. AUTO/MAN: AUTO mode means the amount of each drip from the tip is rationed, which drips automatically after user steps the foot pedal or press the finger switch each time. MAN mode means the amount of each drop is not constant, when user steps the foot pedal, the tip starts dripping liquid/paste/glue, when user takes the foot off from the foot pedal, machine stops working.
  1. TIME: adjusts the lasting time of each drip from the syringe. There are 4 different ranges available: 01s-1S,0.1s-10S,0.2s-20s,0.3s-30s.
  2. VACUUM: sets the intensity of vacuum, to suck back the air from the syringe for thinner glues or adhesives to stop fluids from dripping. It has no use for solder paste, turn it off.
  3. AIR OUT: It is where to connect the syringe tubing.
  4. FOOT SWITCH: This is the place in which you connect the foot pedal or hand switch.
  5. AIR IN: It is where the air compressor connects.
  6. DRIP: These switches are used to preset the 4 various grades of dispensing time, the usage in detail will be listed in below description.



  1. Simple structure, easy to operate.
  2. Compact size to save much working space.
  3. Wide range of use on almost all adhesives or fluids.
  4. 2 different operation modes available.
  5. Dispensing volume can be set and controlled freely.
  6. Vacuum back suction function stops the dilute fluid from unnecessary dripping from the tip.
  7. All parts can be easily assembled and disassembled.
  8. Both of foot pedal and hand switch available.
  9. Stable quality and satisfactory after-sale service.
  10. OEM available.


How to use the solder paste dispenser

  1. Please note this solder paste dispenser has to work with an air compressor(air pressureneeded: 35-100PSI). Connect one end of air tubing with the outlet of air compressor, connect other end with the AIR IN jack on the rear panel of machine.
  2. Install the properdispenser tips on the syringe barrel, then push the solder paste into the syringe slowly under the maximum line, then try best to get the air out with piston, handle it carefully and keep the syringe vertically, don’t incline to other directions. Connect the adaptor with the syringe, proceed this step carefully in case of air leak.
  3. Insert the power line, foot pedal and AIR OUT hose into the sockets respectively,
  4. Plug in and turn the switch on, light up.
  5. Pull out the knob of air pressure and rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust the air pressure until the ideal air pressure achieved, observing the the output pressure gauge’s reading on the front panel(output air pressure’s proper range is 15-40PSI, 1-2.7bar) and syringe tip’s reaction at the same time.
  6. Choose manual mode, press the switch to the MAN, the dispensing time will be controlled by the lasting time of stepping foot pedal or triggering hand switch.
  7. Auto is the most widely implemented mode, which is also suitable for solder paste. Press the mode switch to AUTO, fully rotate the TIME knob clockwise to the limitation, thenclick the foot switch, and regulate the DRIP 4 switches on the rear panel, the sett method as below:
    Grade 1: Drip switch on at 1: lasting dripping time is as long as 1s
    Grade 2: Drip switch on at 1,2: lasting dripping time is as long as 10s
    Grade 3: Drip switch on at 1,2 and 3: lasting dripping time is as long as 20s
    Grade 4: Drip switch on at all 4 grades: lasting dripping time is as long as 30s
  8. So there are total 4 ranges for you to adjust the dispensing time through the TIME knob to get the proper time: 0.01s-1S, 0.1s-10S, 0.2s-20s, 0.3s-30s.
  9. Vacuum knob is to control the intensity of suction pressure for thin fluid, which is not needed for solder paste.


If there is no any paste out from the tip when you test the dispenser, maybe something is wrong, you have to recheck all components and adjust something based on below 3 points:

  1. Turn up the air pressure from the controller, but always remember the suggested pressure is under 5.5bar(78psi). If the air pressure is over 4bar, please use the original parts from our factory.
  2. Prolong the dispensing time.
  3. Change the tip to a bigger size one, solder paste is thick relative to other adhesives, so you can use the thicker tip instead of thin one.



  1. The maximum input air pressure is 7bar(100psi).
  2. The suggested output air pressure of dispenser is 5.5bar(78psi).
  3. If it has condition, suggest storing the fluid material in consist temperature of 5 degrees centigrade.
  4. If the liquid/adhesive is too thick to flow, please dilute it before being filled based on the factory directions.
  5. Stir the material fully to make sure it is homogeneous prior to use.
  6. The tip needs to be cleaned in time after use each time, or it will be very difficult to be dismounted from the syringe.
  7. Vacuum function is only suitable for thin fluids, the intensity has to be regulated at appropriate level, If the suction pressure is too big, the fluid will be sucked back to hose and dispensing machine.
  8. Always keep the dipensing syringe downward vertically, and hang it on the metal stand during the interval in case that the fluid flow into the hose.


Items included in the packaging box:

1pc controller machine

2pcs 30cc syringe

1pc air-in hose

1pc adapter with hose

1pc foot pedal

1pc hand switch

5pcs tips

1pc syringe stand

1pc power cable

1pc instruction book

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