Benchtop Peristaltic pump dispenser

Name: auto peristaltic dispenser

Model: TP-50

Input voltage: 110V/220V AC 50/60 HZ

Pump head’s rotation speed: 0-160RPM

Range of dispensing amount(angle): 0-999.9 degree angle

Vacuum Back suction range: 1-999 degree angle

Minimum spit volume: 0.0001ml

Power: 10w

The minimum spit volume: 0.0001cc(using ø0.2*Ø0.7)

Spitting out Viscosity: below 10,000 CPS

Dimension: 168mm*148mm*88mm

Weight: 3.0kg

One year of guarantee period

Digital display Benchtop Peristaltic pump dispenser – squirm dispenser free of air source

TP50 peristaltic dispenser is a automatic dispensing device. It is applicable to quick-drying glues, instant glues like 502 glue. It can’t use with other types of glue. It doesn’t need to use the air compressor during work, only need to match with a dispensing applicator pen.

TP50 peristaltic dispenser is also a precision dispensing machine with excellent performance, which can achieve a variety of dispensing functions, such as suction, glue control, glue control speed, speed angle, Three kinds of dispensing modes, etc.. The peristaltic dispensing machine is particularly prominent in the use of 502 glue dispensed. Becoming one best selling machine that can use 502 glue on the market. Other types of pneumatic dispensers can’t realize it.

Quick-drying glue should use special tubing. The plastic tubing is made from Teflon. It is an perfect material, because it has no chemical reaction with glues. It won’t cause the blockage of the glue in the tubing, which is the advantage of the TP50 peristaltic dispenser.

  1. Power button
  2. Rotation angle set: means the spitting amount, adjusting range is from 0 to 999.9 degree angle, Pressing UP button is to increase the angle, Pressing DOWN button is to decrease the angle. If pressing for more than one second, the number will be up or down rapidly.
  3. Dispensing speed set from 0-160 rotation per minute
  4. Rotation direction of pump head: CW means Clockwise, CCW means counter-clockwise
  5. Guide lock
  6. Tube guide
  7. Shot button, it is a substitute of foot pedal, which is used when testing. After pressing it, controller starts working.
  8. Vacuum button, set range is from 1-999 degree angle. Rotation direction of pump head is reverse when it is activated. Vacuum function is to prevent the glue in the tip from dripping or curing.
  9. Mode: There are 3 different modes:
  • ANGLE means pump head rotates based on the angle set
  • STEADBY means pump head start rotating once user steps the foot pedal, won’t stop until trigger released.
  • CONTINUOUS means the pump head can rotate continuously based on the speed set once power is on.
  1. Tube holder 1
  2. Pump head
  3. Tube holder 2
  4. Teflon tubing


How to assemble the Teflon tubing

  1. Thread tubing through nozzle
  2. Thread tubing through applicator
  3. Installing tubing on pump assembly
  4. Secure tubing to tube holder
  5. Switch pump to continuous mode
  6. Push down on the tube guide gently to avoid kinking the tube
  7. Set the spring loaded guide lock
  8. Stop continuous mode
  9. Insert tube into adhesive container
  10. Secure the second tube holder
  11. Run continuously to get adhesive to fill the tubing


How to use the TP-50 benchtop peristaltic dispenser

  1. Connect all accessories and plug in.
  2. Turn on the machine and install the teflon tubing based on the steps in above description.
  3. Dispensing time and speed set via “ROTATION ANGLE”and “SPEED’ buttons, rotation angle in total is 999.9 degree angle, one circle is 360 degree angle.
  4. Choose CW or CCW as pump head’s rotating direction. After work direction is confirmed, the reverse direction is for vacuum back suction.
  5. Set the vacuum angle based on needs, range is 1-999 degree angle(Press VACUUM on time, go to set the number once the display area of ROTATION ANGLE will be flashing, press the VACUUM button again to lock the number).
  6. Choose the proper work mode from the 3 modes of ANGLE, STEADBY and CONTINUOUS.
  7. Trigger the SHOT button or foot pedal to test performance on paper.
  • 0-1000 CPS(using ø0.2*Ø0.7,  ø0.5*Ø1.0 tubing)
  • 1000-5000 CPS(using ø0.5*Ø1.0, ø1.0*Ø1.5 tubing)
  • 5000-10000 CPS(using above ø1.0*Ø1.5 tubing)

It comes with a controller unit, an foot pedal, a teflon tubing, an power wire and a dispensing pen.

Payment methods: T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal.

Payment Terms: Full payment before shipment.

Delivery Terms: EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU, DDP optional.

Shipping methods:

1)Door to Door - Via International Express: DHL/FedEx/UPS etc. - Shipping time: 3-7 days.

2)Door to Seaport - By sea: Maersk, MSC, CMA-CGM, Evergreen, Cosco, APL etc. - Shipping time: about 1 month.

3)Door to airport - By plane - Shipping time: about one week.