Japanese Pneumatic Stainless Steel Glue Applicator Syringes


This Pneumatic glue dispenser syringe is made of superior304 stainless steel by fine workmanship, featuring a rigid shell and excellent durability, with gorgeous heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

It is especially applicable to hot melt glues and other liquids demanding for heating throughout the use, which brings users a good usage experience.

Stainless Steel Syringe Features

  • Top quality material are adopted to ensure the pneumatic syringe has a long service life.
  • Integrally molded craft to form the body, plus enough thickness to prevent fracture in use, which can work safely at high pressure as high as 100 psi.
  • It is high temperature resistant, glue is allowed to be heated during use.
  • Being polished enables the surface of syringe to be as flat as possible, non-stick and easy to clean, also convenient for heating treatment of glue.
  • Suitable for any working environments.
  • Standard nozzle is available to be compatible with syringe tips in different sizes.