Japanese Air Powered Syringe – 10cc 30cc 55cc Glue Dispenser Syringe

Name: dispensing syringe barrel

Material: polyethylene

Feature: Japanese style

Volume: 5cc 10cc 30cc and 55cc

Application: glue dispensing

Material: Inert PP

MOQ: 1 pc

OEM: available

Packaging: carton

Japanese Air Powered Syringe – 10cc 30cc 55cc Glue Dispenser Syringe

This air powered syringe is free of silicone contaminants and chloride. We produce a variety of dispensing syringes to meet the needs of the industry productions. the syringe needs to be filled with glue. Different sizes of syringes can hold different amounts of glues.

Japanese dispensing syringes generally have sizes of 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc, 55cc, 100cc, 200cc, 300cc, 500cc, 960cc, etc., different CCs represent different capacities. Users can choose the appropriate syringes according to the needs of the work. For example, the solder paste dispenser prefers a Japanese dispensing syringe. If the amount of glue used per day is small, using 300cc or 500cc syringe is enough, so that the dispenser can basically complete the dispensing amount throughout the day. However, because the amount of glue used in the glue filling industry is relatively large, so It is necessary to use the 960cc size syringe to meet the demands of the glue amount.

If you need other different specifications of syringe, you can communicate with us, and we will customize the corresponding size of the dispensing syringe for you. when you are using the dispensing syringe, remember to pay attention to the problem of the syringe blockage. If using Dispensing syringe with large capacity of fluid, which is prone to result in clog, and will lead to the loss of glue and reduce the production speed. For example, If a solder paste dispenser has a needle blockage during the dispensing process, it has to replace the syringe with new one. After the old syringe glue is poured out, which will have the loss of glue.

Same as American style adhesive syringes, Japanese dispensing syringe’s color also includes transparent, black, amber, etc. Some glues cannot use transparent syringes, such as UV adhesives. Only is black or amber syringes available , which will not cause the needle to be clogged, but the solder paste can use transparent Japanese dispensing syringes.

Japanese style glue syringe barrels are compatible with luer lock dispensing needles.

These syringes are for industrial use only, which are not sterile, never use them for medical purposes.

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