Foot Pedal For Solder Paste Dispenser And Glue Dispenser

Name: Foot pedal

Function: Foot switch

Used with glue dispensers

Wire length: 150cm

Color: black

Packaging: single pack

OEM: 1 pc

Foot Pedal For Solder Paste Dispenser And Glue Dispenser

  • Compatible with glue dispensers and peristaltic dispensers.
  • There are 3 different versions for users to choose:
  • Single plug foot pedal switch: headset plug style, which is very easy and convenient to plug and unplug from the jack.
  • Three-hole aviation plug foot pedal switch&Four-hole aviation plug foot pedal switch
  • Above 2 aviation plugs are with high cost, but it is much more tightly after being plugged into the jack, not easy to loosen.
  • You can feel free to choose the proper the style based on the machine you are using.


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