Peristaltic Dispenser Accessory Pen – Metal Manual Applicator

Name: Peristaltic dispenser pen

Feature: accessory of dispenser

Material: aluminium alloy

Color: silver

Length: 130mm

Diameter: 15mm

Weight: 50g

Packaging: PE bag

MOQ: one piece

Peristaltic Dispenser Accessory Pen – Metal Manual Applicator

  • This pen is designed for being used with Teflon tubing on peristaltic dispenser, made of aluminium alloy, 130mm long and 15mm wide. The inside diameter of tip is 2.48mm.
  • It is easy to use, Twist off the tip, thread Teflon tubing through the pen’s nozzle, then thread the tubing through the pen.
  • There are 2 kinds of plug: 3-hole plug and 4-hole plug.
  • We supply lots of dispensing accessories including dispensing syringe barrels, dispense tips, foot pedals, finger switches, dosing valves, pressure buckets, AB blue guns and cartridges, mixing nozzles etc., please contact with us for more product details.


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