0.25 inch Air Compressor Tubing & Hose For Glue Dispenser

Item: Tubing

Specification: 0.25 inch

Material: PVC

Color: Clear

Function: connect air compressor and dispenser

Length of hose: 1.5 meters

Fitting length: 6mm

Packaging: plastic bag

Air Compressor Tubing & Hose For Glue Dispenser

  1. This air compressor tubing is made from PVC material, 1.5 meters, which has a 6mm long metal fitting, which can connect with air compressor air-out hole.
  2. PVC transparent hosehas Excellent electrical insulation, flexibility, softness, high transparency, color matching, excellent weather resistance, freezing resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, anti-UV technology, no discoloration, dirty powder is not easy to adhere to the smooth tube. The wall of hose is non-toxic and tasteless. It is a indispensable accessory when you connect the glue dispensing machine.


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