Building Hair Dryer 110V/220V Heat Gun with Digital Display Temperature Ajustable Heating Tool OEM

MOQ: 1pc

Price: Negotiable

Rated power: 2000W

Temperature adjustable: 50℃-600℃

Input voltage: 220V-240V AC/110V AC

Range of airflow: 200L/M-550L/minute

Feature: LCD digital display available

Length: 260mm

Width: 200mm

Height: 75mm

Characteristic: 2 gears

Net Weight: 760g


OEM is available

You get what you pay for, If you wanna get a quality heat gun, choosing this one is a right choice.

How to Adjust the Temperature and Wind Speed

Temperature with Digital Display, Easy to Use(please check below picture of display)

1)Press the switch to “1”, under the first gear, the temperature is 50℃ constantly.

2)Continue to press the switch to “2”, Under the second gear, Pressing left&right button on the panel to decrease and increase temperature from 50℃ to 600℃, variation of 10℃ at a time.

3)Totally 10 speeds of air velocity, Under both 2 gears, Pressing up&down button is to enlarge and drop airflow. Separate temperature control system and wind control system, low temperature with high wind is available, high temperature with low wind is also available.

10 Reasons why you choose this high quality heat gun

1.The shell is made of PA66, commonly known as nylon-66, It is a kind of thermoplastic resin widely used on high-end electric appliance and equipment. ADVANTAGES as below: 1).It features excellent heat resistance, because its melting point is 252℃(ABS resin is 120℃, PVC is 150℃), embrittlement temperature is -30℃. it can significantly improve the safety performance. 2).Comparing to normal plastic, It has excellent electrical insulation to prevent electric shock. 3).It has splendid wear-resistance, high rigidity, mechanical strength and hardness.

2.Built-in overload protector to make sure no possibilities of causing fire hazard or other dangers because of improper operation.

3.Heating element is wrapped by natural mica paper, high efficiency of heat collecting, heat insulation and heat conduction, to protect the nozzle from redness during use.

4.Muzzle is made of Stainless steel, heat resisting, its design is based on aerodynamics, to increase the air volume and soften the air velocity. Compatible with various nozzles.

5.Built-in double heating wires on the nickel-chromium heating element to ensure heating up quickly.

6.A high quality turbofan blows out strong and stable air volume.

7.MOTOR IS THE HEART OF THIS GUN, it uses Japanese brand MABUCHI MOTOR, It is durable and reliable, low noise, fast speed and low vibration.

8.Equipped with temperature control sensor, integrated IC trigger temperature control, accurate temperature and stability.

9.Blue power light will automatically light up after power-on.

10.There is a circuit board attached on the switch, improve the safety and bring users a accurate and stable operation. OTHER NORMAL HEAT GUNS HAVE NO THIS CIRCUIT BOARD HERE.

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