Static Mixing Nozzle 24 Elements MC05-24

Product Name: Static mixing nozzle

Model: MC-05-24

Inner Diameter: 5mm

Length: 150mm

Bell mouth inner diameter: 16.8mm

Bell mouth outer diameter:  19.5mm

Elements: 24

Dispensing Diameter: 1.5mm

Round Mount Static Mixer Tube China Supplier & Manufacturer

MC05 series static mixing nozzles’ inner diameter is 5mm, containing types of 18&24&32 in element and 121mm&150mm&188mm in length. It is used to spit a consistent mix of 2 component epoxies, silica gels, PU, PV etc. Applicable to 200ml 2 part mix glue guns of 1:1 & 2:1.


The spiral rod inside the mixing nozzle is composed of a series of left-handed & right-handed elements which are arranged in close order to each other vertically. Liquids are cut and recombined successively while passing through the elements. 2 types of liquids can be mixed uniformly by 1 divided into 2, 2 divided into 4, 4 divided into 8, and so on.


Static mixing tip provides a excellent solution for 2 component liquids mixing, which helps in saving labour, reducing waste, improving production efficiency and lowering production cost. Widely applied to electronics, electrical appliances, civil constructions, automobiles, packaging etc industries.


Static Mixing Nozzle Features

  • Capable of mixing the 2 component adhesives evenly and automatically without extra power.
  • Ease of use and maintenance.
  • Saves cost and reduce waste.
  • Multiple dimensions available for users to choose from.
  • Reliable performance during the use.


static mixing tube

static mixing tube

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