1.5 Inches Disposable 14 Gauge Blunt Dispensing Needle – Luer Lock Needle

Name: 14G dispensing needles

Material: PP+stainless steel

Feature: blunt needle

Grade: Industrial

Total length: 55mm

Shaft length: 38mm

Outside diameter: 1.84mm

Inner diameter: 1.55mm

Color: color coded hub

OEM: available

MOQ: 1 bag

1.5 Inches Disposable 14 Gauge Blunt Dispensing Needle – Luer Lock Needle


  • The shaft of this syringe dispensing needle is made of stainless steel, it is corrosion resistant. Both of inner wall and outer wall are burr-free and polished, fluids can flow smoothly and consistently through the tube. There is a double thread luer lock plastic hub(material is polypropylene), which can fit any luer lock syringes, barrels, adapters or dispensing valves having luer lock hole, these tips are general purpose.
  • It is Silicone and chloride free, to prevent being contaminated when applying sensitive or special fluids or glues.
  • Different colors of plastic part represent different sizes respectively. There are a wide range of gauge sizes from 14 gauge to 27 gauge for users to choose(please check the detailed data in the table), besides, we will customize the sizes for you If our current products can’t meet your needs.
  • Liquid pressure as many as 100 psi can be supported by thisblunt dispensing needle, all products are industrial grade, not sterilized, prohibit using for medical purposes.
  • If you are looking for pneumatic dispensers, dispensing syringes, adhesives dispensing tips, AB glue gun, static mixers, glue dispensing valves and other accessories, please feel free to contact with us, we provide retail and wholesale service.



Size Color Inside dia.(mm) Outside dia.(mm) shaft length(mm) Total length(mm)
14G Olive 1.55 1.84 25 42.3
15G Amber 1.36 1.84 25 42.3
16G Gray 1.2 1.6 25 42.3
17G Transparent 1.12 1.48 25 42.3
18G Green 0.84 1.27 25 42.3
19G Transparent 0.7 1.05 25 42.3
20G Pink 0.6 0.91 25 42.3
21G  Purple 0.51 0.82 25 42.3
22G Blue 0.41 0.72 25 42.3
23G Orange 0.34 0.64 25 42.3
24G Light gray 0.3 0.56 25 42.3
25G Red 0.26 0.51 25 42.3
26G Light coffee 0.24 0.45 25 42.3
27G Transparent 0.21 0.41 25 42.3
30G Light purple 0.16 0.31 25 42.3
32G Yellow 0.11 0.25 25 42.3
34G Snow cyan 0.06 0.25 25 42.3

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