Thermal blower Heat gun temperaure adjustable hot air gun for heat shrink home DIY

Temperature adjustable: 50℃-600℃
Input voltage: 220V-240V AC
Range of airflow: 250L/M&550L/M
Feature: Rotate rear knob to adjust temperature
Length: 225mm
Width: 20mm
Height: 75mm
Characteristic: 2 gears
Net Weight: 690g
Quality guarantee period: 1 year(not including heating element)
What price, what goods, our gun won't let you down.

Temperature adjustable easily

1. Under the first gear, the temperature is 50℃ constantly.
2. Under the second gear, rotating the round knob clockwise is to increase temperature, rotating the round knob counterclockwise is to decrease temperature, adjustable temperature range is from 50℃ to 600℃.


1. Stable quality, It is one of the durable heat guns in the market,
2. High-power rapid heating, imported heating elements used.Using high quality heating wire made from Nickel-chromium alloy, temperature overload protection available, mica bracket and high temperature insulation wire used.
3. High power supply capacity for air flow, high power copper motor used, it has low voice and stable performance.
4. Heat gun has ergonomic design, shell is made of high quality ABS material, having good non-skid property.
5. Two-speed air volume switch, using pure copper plate recessed toggle switch, effectively preventing misoperation in use, can meet different work needs.



Widely used in the packaging industry, electronic, electrical industry and daily life, for example: product packaging heat shrinkable film, automotive glass film, automotive bumper repair, paint removal, drying and thawing, stripping wallpaper, bending PVC plastic pipe, blowing heat shrinkable tube, refrigerator freezing, etc.