50ml Two-Component Pneumatic AB Glue Caulking Cartridge Gun 1:1 1:2 1:4 1:10

Name: AB glue gun

Material: Aluminium alloy

Color: silver

Volume: 50ml

Length: 164mm

Diameter of Rear end: 50mm

Diameter of top end: 54mm

Feature: used for two-component glues

Size: 1:1/2:1/4:1/10:1

Compatible with AB glue cartridge and mixing nozzle

Power: pneumatic

Weight: 412g

50ml Two-Component Pneumatic AB Glue Caulking Cartridge Gun 1:1 1:2 1:4 1:10

  1. It is a pneumatic double cartridge gun, whose shape likes a flashlight, so we also call it flashlight dispensing gun. Made of high quality aluminium alloy, molded in one to prevent it from ripping during use, the surface of cylinder is very smooth, with exquisite workmanship, 100% safe for users.
  2. This flashlight dual cartridge gun is applicable to 2-componet glues, also called AB glue, including green and red glue, epoxy-resin glue, silica gel etc.
  3. There are 4 different matching types for this pneumatic dispensing gun: one to one, one to two, one to four and one to ten. Please advise us the type you like when placing order with our sales.
  4. This dispensing device is pneumatic, so it has to work with a glue dispensing machine.We can supply various semi-automatic glue dispenser and full-automatic glue dispenser, please contact us for more information If you are interested in them.
  5. There is a air-in interface on the rear lip, where it connects with the glue dispenser’s air-out hole. Besides, it has a safe valve on the lip, which can release the extra air pressure in case of too much high pressure inside the cylinder.
  6. The AB glue cartridge and static mixer is not included, please feel free to contact with us to buy together.
  7. It is easy to use it, firstly you need to load the AB glue cartridge into the metal sleeve, and connect with a pneumatic dispenser, then adjust the air pressure to flashlight barrel, after the dripping amount and frequency is confirmed, which will become your stable partner to help you increase work efficiency. It can be used hand held or assembled on any robotic arms.



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