330cc Pneumatic Caulking Gun – Silicone Glue Cartridge Applicator Gun

Material: aluminium alloy

Color: black

Feature: Pneumatic cartridge gun

Total length is 225mm

Inner diameter is 52.2mm

Outer diameter is 56mm

Weight is 305g

MOQ: 1pc

Warranty period: one year

330cc Pneumatic Caulking Gun – Silicone Glue Cartridge Applicator Gun

This pneumatic caulking gun is made of aluminium alloy material, treated by Anodic blackening, powered by high air pressure. it is designed to work with automatic glue dispenser, applicable to pastes, glass glue, red glue, Epoxy glue, silica gel and other cylinder packing glues. It is air-powered gun using disposable cartridges, which doesn’t need caulking gun when used. After you use this barrel gun, which will effectively improve the effectiveness of dispensing, moreover, it won’t waste glue.



  1. It is totally pneumatic, glue dispensing controlled by automatic dispenser machine, which can drip evenly and exactly.
  2. It is very suitable for thick fluids like silicone, glass glue and sealants.
  3. Long service life and one-year warranty.
  4. This metal gun matches with 2 different sizes of adaptor: Common size of M15 and uncommon size of M21, Please advise us the right size based on actual needs.
  5. There is a key ring on the rear lid, which is convenient for users to hang it up.
  6. Comes with a metal barrel gun, a rear lid, an adaptor and 2 rubber gaskets.


How to use this air-powered caulking gun?

  1. Load a sealant or glue cartridge into barrel, and screw up the bottom lid tightly.
  2. Install a male luer lock adaptor with standard dispensing tip.
  3. Connect the air-in hole at the bottom of cylinder with tubing of automatic glue dispenser.
  4. Test and adjust the regulator of air pressure to get a proper dispensing time and dripping speed.
  5. All done, Start working.


Please note it comes without dispensing tips, If you want to purchase tips, please contact our sales representative to purchase them.

Besides, we also have new version 330ml pneumatic Caulking gun, please contact us for more details.

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